In business since 1983, Cardinal’s strength lies in the quality of our products, as well as technical support and friendly customer service. We are a second-generation family-owned business, built on the concept of being our customer’s #1 source for cost effective, quality contract manufacturing services and products via J-I-T on time delivery.

Cardinal provides innovative solutions to industrial, commercial, military (DoD) and government customers around the world.

Our specialties include managing a bill of materials into an assembly, packaging, kitting, and sourcing custom metal (machining, fabrication, stamping, etc.) and components. We provide stocking and logistics to get the product where and when it is needed.

Cardinal has a separate division, named Rivet Nut USA that distributes rivet nuts and related installation tooling. Please visit Rivet Nut USA for more information regarding rivet nuts.
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Cardinal Components “takes care of the details” for our customers. When Cardinal earns the trust of our customer, that is the point when we can unlock massive value throughout the customer’s supply chain. Please check out our “testimonials” page to see what our current customers think about working with Cardinal.

Cardinal Components is conveniently located just outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with direct freeway access for simplified deliveries and exchanges as we supply and build your products. We offer worldwide distribution and order fulfillment capability on all of our contract manufactured products.

We are proud to have a friendly, capable and experienced team of 20 employees with an average tenure of 10 years, and several employees have been with Cardinal for over 20 years!

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Everyone will remember 2020 as the “year of challenge”. Cardinal met our challenges head-on and remained flexible to meet changing customer needs. Possible disruptions within the supply chain were assessed and mitigated; stability increased through continual communication with our customers and suppliers; and preventive measures were enacted to keep our entire team safe, all as we remained fully operational to serve our diverse customer base.

Heading into 2021, Cardinal’s customers can count on Cardinal to continue being a pillar of stability and driver of continual improvement for sourcing assembly, custom metal and components. An example of continual improvement is our 1.5 year paper record digitalization project, in which we now maintain all records in our ERP computer system. This project increased productivity and lowered our overhead rate, as we know that our customers love LEAN supply management!!!

We look forward to working with you and your team: together, stronger.

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