Cardinal Components is committed to meeting customers’ requirements with excellence in products and services utilizing continual improvement methods focusing on product quality, on-time delivery, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Cardinal’s size is in the “sweet spot” – we are large enough to invest in the needed resources to meet customer needs, while small enough to assure we apply a special level of care to each project and customer relationship. We strictly comply with customer specifications and constantly look for ways to improve the design, manufacture, or distribution of the product.

Cardinal saves our customer’s time and money on “cost of quality”, as Cardinal handles the cost of returns, manufacturing line issues, and scraps. Cardinal holds our suppliers to high standards and we regularly audit our suppliers for performance. Our experienced quality and operations team promptly addresses and stops issues before they become major problems that reach our customers. Cardinal protects our customers by putting product through our proven quality procedures that are predicative (stop issues before they occur, such as hourly assembly line checks) and reactive (quickly resolve issues, such as doing a 100% sort for conformance while simultaneously adjusting new production).

Our ISO 9001 quality system is proven and battle-tested from achieving the demanding requirements of Fortune 500 OEMs in automotive, agriculture and aerospace. All incoming product passes through our ISO 9001 inspection procedures, including and up to 100% dimensional or performance inspection. Should we uncover defects or the need for rework, we address it quickly to assure the non-confirming product is quarantined and to assure conforming product remains available to meet customer releases.

Our high quality and process repeatability flows down to our customer and makes both our businesses stronger and reputations shine.