Why use Cardinal Components?
Answer: Your One-Stop Solution for Product Assembly, Kitting Services & Custom Metal

Consolidate [ kən-ˈsä-lə-ˌdāt ]

To combine a number of things into a more effective and coherent whole

Cardinal partners with our customers to accomplish their strategic supply objectives. Outsource your custom metal, assembly, or kitting workload to our team. Customers depend on Cardinal to CONSOLIDATE their supply chain by providing ONE-STOP turnkey Contract Product Assembly, Kitting Services, Custom Metal & Warehousing solutions.

For 40+ years, Cardinal Components has been located just outside of Milwaukee currently in Menomonee Falls, WI. Cardinal has produced mechanical assemblies, kitted components and sourced precision metal products by using our internal capabilities and leveraging our diverse network of proven manufacturers & catalog vendors. Cardinal is truly “Your One Stop Sourcing Shop”!

Cardinal’s engineering team and quality team provide our customers with design assistance, problem solving and manufacturability verification.

Contract Product Assembly & Kitting Services  – Customers decreases costs, consolidate the supply chain and increase inventory turns when contracting assemblies & kitting services to Cardinal. When a customer cuts a single P.O. to Cardinal, we go to work on procuring, managing and assembling the entire bill of material (BOM) into a finished assembly or a custom kit. Our contract assembly services include expertise in product assembly, mechanical assembly & sub assembly. Our custom contract kitting services include master kits, sub kits, auto-bagging. plastic containers, labeling and cardboard boxing. Our production cells are flexible to allow quick changeover from one job to the next. For high volume assembly and custom kitting jobs, we have the space to dedicate an entire production cell to support ongoing customer demand. We maintain slack in our assembly and kitting scheduling, so we can quickly ramp up for new work and offer fast turnaround on existing work.

Custom Metal – As your one-stop sourcing shop, Cardinal can source all your custom metal needs, from custom springs to multi-axis machined components, you can depend on Cardinal.  Customers enjoy the simplicity of cutting a P.O. to Cardinal, and knowing that Cardinal will take care of all the job details by leveraging our diverse network of manufacturers and catalog vendors.

Warehousing and Storage – Cardinal has a heated 15,000 sq ft brand new warehouse, with 28 ‘ clear ceilings and available pallet racking space for storage of your raw, work-in-progress or finished products. Cardinal’s logistics team offers logistical support such as arranging shipping, creating shipping paperwork, labeling products, and order fulfillment with direct shipping to our customer’s end users. We can pack and ship for you! Additional warehousing benefits include real-time inventory reports, storage audits, sorting & repackaging. Cardinal’s warehouse is our customer’s warehouse, custom warehousing solutions is our key value proposition.

Save time & money – Cardinal improves lead-times and offers competitive pricing on top quality custom product, while stocking blanket orders to provide just-in-time delivery.

Program Launches – Cardinal supports our customers with strong execution to optimize program launches. Cardinal provides First Articles, Level III PPAPs with IMDS, and more! Our proven systems and procedures allow us to provide world-class products and services for the entire program, from concept through delivery.

Note: Rivet Nut USA is a separate distributing division of Cardinal Components, Inc., focused on the distribution of rivet nuts. Please see our other website, www.RivetNutUSA.com, for more information on Rivet Nut USA.

Industries We Serve

cardinal components is a contract manufacturing company who supplies automotive manufacturers with the necessary equipment and assemblies

Auto / Truck

cardinal components is a contract manufacturing company who supplies agricultural equipment manufacturers with the necessary equipment and assemblies


cardinal components is a contract manufacturing company who supplies construction equipment manufacturers with the necessary equipment and assemblies


cardinal components is a contract manufacturing company who supplies the aerospace industry with the necessary equipment and assemblies


cardinal components is a contract manufacturing company who supplies ship and boat builders with the necessary equipment and assemblies

Defense / Marine

cardinal components is a contract manufacturing company who supplies restaurant equipment manufacturers with the necessary equipment and assemblies


cardinal components is a contract manufacturing company who supplies appliance manufacturers with the necessary equipment and assemblies


cardinal components is a contract manufacturing company who supplies modern hospitals with the necessary equipment and assemblies


Your #1 Sourcing Solution

For 40+ years, Cardinal Components has been consolidating our OEM supply chains via one-stop product solutions.


YOUR ONE-STOP SOURCING SHOP!: Reduce the number of suppliers in your supply chain by sourcing through Cardinal. Cardinal has developed a deep roster of proven, capable manufacturing partners that bring forth the best mind to provide innovative solutions and world-class products. Cardinal has partnerships in every manufacturing discipline (Fabrication & Welding, Machined Components, Custom Springs, Stamping, Grinding, Finishing, etc.) that work with Cardinal to fill your Contract Product Assembly, Kitting Services & Custom Metal needs. For 40+ years, Cardinal has ensured our roster of manufacturing partners has grown stronger, which speaks to our commitment to continual improvement on behalf of our customers. We ask our customers, “identify your #1 supply chain pain or most important strategic supply objective, and see how Cardinal can innovate a sourcing solution to support you.”

LEVERAGE OUR TECHNICAL EXPERTISE: Select us as your trusted assembly provider, kitting service or custom metal source…and you gain a partner that is eager to provide you 360-degree engineering, design and quality assurance support! We help along each step: design, prototype, Level III (3) PPAP, assembly, and issue resolution. Before starting production on a new product, Cardinal puts the product through our New Product Review (NPR) process. The heart of the NPR is a 150-point production and quality checklist that we have developed for 20 years, the checklist is now on revision 61!!! Some recent NPR success stories:

  • Cardinal identified a fabricated bend radius that was too tight and likely would have resulted in eventual field failure due to cracking. Cardinal’s customer updated the drawing and reduced risk of costly warranty issues down the road.  See more on our Fabrication & Welding webpage.
  • Cardinal’s customer had concern with possible mating issues between two parts. With no additional production costs, Cardinal worked with our customer to add a GD&T parallelism and 32 Ra finish requirement to each drawing.  Parts were produced and mated without issue.  See more on our Machined Components webpage.
  • Cardinal suggested a customer update the drawing to allow a component to be made out of a more common 6061 aluminum, instead of 5052 aluminum, resulting in a $2,400 cost savings.  See more on our Spring, Wire & Tube webpage.

TOP-TIER CUSTOMER SERVICE: Our standard is to offer short lead-times at competitive pricing, properly engage & revert quotes in a timely manner and offer friendly responsiveness throughout the entire transaction cycle. Tired of begging for answers with your current supplier?  If so, then don’t hesitate and send us an RFQ today! Read more about us below, and please review our Customer Testimonial webpage.

LET US LEND A HAND: Besides being your #1 sourcing partner, Cardinal’s in-house assembly and kitting team manages a steady backlog of ongoing contract work that we complete in our clean 15,000 sq ft brand new warehouse. The full suite of services we offer include: assembly (mechanical, electro-mechanical, sub, master, etc.), kitting services, packaging, storage, order fulfillment, quality assurance, sorting and performance testing. Check out our photos and videos throughout our Contract Product Assembly, Kitting Services & Warehousing/Storage webpages to get a sense of our Milwaukee-based hands on capabilities.

INCREASE YOUR SUPPLY CHAIN STABILITY: A tremendous benefit that customers gain when working with Cardinal is a newly realized measure of supply chain stability. Cardinal maintains sourcing relationships with several sources in every manufacturing discipline to assure business continuity should one of our sources fail to meet expectations or experience a business interruption (i.e., COVID-19 shutdown).

DEPEND ON OUR ISO 9001 QUALITY: All product that comes into Cardinal (assemblies, kitting & custom metal) passes through our battle-tested ISO 9001 certified quality system, which assures a consistent and high-quality standard with appropriate lot control (drills down to component that goes into assemblies and kits) & documentation (sales order confirmation, packing slip, material certification, plating certification, First Article, Level III PPAP, etc.).


Please send drawings and EAU to sales@cardinalcomponents.com. We can help you when you begin working on a new project, looking for a new source, troubleshooting, or trying to accomplish a strategic supply objective.