Quality Blind Plusnut® Rivet Nut Fasteners that Are Easy to Install

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Plusnut® (aka ‘Plus Body’) (aka ‘Slotted Body’)

Cardinal Components carries Bollhoff Plusnut® Blind Fasteners for the the most rigid fastening. A Plusnut® is a blind, threaded fastener recommended for rigid fastening in sheet metal, fiberglass and plastics. The slotted shank spreads and forms large flaps to evenly distribute working loads over a large area. Bollhoff Plusnut® fasteners are ideal when you cannot access one side, or if it is very difficult to do so. The Plusnut® is easy to use and yet maintains the strength and integrity needed for industrial or heavy duty applications.

Bollhoff Plusnut® fasteners provide incredible pull-out strength, as well as grip. Where strength is the main goal, this is an ideal fastener to use. Plusnuts® are also ideal for a variety of applications, as both soft or brittle materials accept this fastener optimally, and without damage to the softer materials.

Our Plusnuts® are quality parts, manufactured by Bollhoff, a leader in the industry. We are ISO 9001 certified, so our Plusnut® production and customer service are of the highest quality. If you need blind Bollhoff Plusnuts®, remember Cardinal Components. We supply high quality Plusnuts® at competitive prices and our in-stock items ship the same day they are ordered. Check out our wide variety or call us to discuss your Plusnut® fastener needs today!

Plusnuts® Pre-Bulbed

Our Bollhoff Plusnut® Pre-Bulbed version provided all of the features and benefits of the standard version. But since it is slightly expanded, it can be installed by applying torque to the fastener with a pneumatic torque style tool. It can be installed with a simple, low cost hand wrench type tool that can be packaged with the Bollhoff Rivnut® PN-Plusnut® Pre-Bulbed for consumer installation.

Key Benefits of Bollhoff Fastener Plusnuts®

Provides ultimate pull-out strength in thin or soft materials.

Wide grip range for variable thickness materials and for part consolidation.

Easy installation with hand or automatized tooling.

Soft installation forces to avoid fracturing in soft or brittle materials.

Available in 6-32 to 3/8-16 and M4 to M10 thread sizes.

Installs in four simple steps.


Need a Quote on a Plusnut®?

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