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What is a Rivnut?
Tubular fasteners with internal threads.
  Quickly installed from one side of application.
Ready to use with clean threads for screw attachments.
  No finishing required.



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C845 Hand Tool

Tool Services

Cardinal's team can help you decide which tool would work best for your production. A sales representative will come to your facilities and give a full demonstration of the tool.

Key Benefits

  • Will be able to learn in detail about the tool.
  • Will be able to use it yourself on samples.

Company intro when installation tools breakdown or problems arise, give us a call. Cardinal can fix them.

  • Customer service with experience to target challenges.
  • Estimates available.
  • Repairs are completed with a speedy turn around.

C722 for Rivnuts® & Plusnuts®

For sizes 5/16 to 1/2, M7 to M12. Each tool is size specific.



C845 for Rivnuts®

For sizes 4-40 to 1/4, M3 to M6. Each tool is size specific.




C1000 for Plusnuts®

For sizes 4-40 to 1/4, M4 to M6. Each tool is size specific.




C3600 Key Setting Tool

C6000 Lever Type Tool for Rivnuts®

C6000 Tool



C7000 Lever Type Tool for Plusnuts®

C7000 Tool

6703 Pneumatic Tool


6701 Pneumatic Tool

6701 Tool


4080 Pneumatic Tool

4080 Pneumatic Tool

C900 Pneumatic w/ Foot Pedal

C900 Additional Install Information Link

C900 Header


4090 & 4090P Pneumatic Tool

4090 Tool





RETIRED TOOLS (We still sell parts and can repair:

4068 Pneumatic Tool




4069 Pneumatic Tool

C362 Pneumatic Header

C362 Header


C302 Pneumatic Header

C302 Pneumatic Header



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