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What is a Rivnut?

Tubular fasteners with internal threads.

  Quickly installed from one side of application.
Ready to use with clean threads for screw attachments.
  No finishing required.

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Rivnut® Blind Fasteners
Rivnut Tools

Cardinal Components, Inc. provides several types of Rivnut® blind fasteners and installation tools, as well as custom products. We stock plusnut, hexnut, self aligning rivet nut and more custom rivnuts. With our variety, we have blind fasteners for almost any application, from folding furniture and appliance doors to helicopter landing skids and boat step pads, and with our custom rivnuts the possibilities are endless! Our rivnut fasteners are high quality, sturdy products, and are easy to install. Not only do we provide top-of-the-line rivnuts, but also quality installation tools, such as a C845 Hand Tool. We have a wide variety of tools for each fastener, and our team is more than willing to discuss these with you to help you find the right tool for your application and fastener rivnuts type. We can also help you to find the type of rivnut that suits your need best. Consider the following questions and then call us and we will be more than happy to assist you find the rivnuts you need:

Cardinal Components' Rivnut® Fasteners Info

1) What is the thread size required?

Cardinal stocks many sizes, from 4-40 to 1/2-13 (20) and M3 to M12, and also create custom fasteners.

2) What is the application material thickness?

Each thread size has grip ranges (length of shank under head).

3) What type of material do you want the fastener made out of?

We carry steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, etc.

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"Rivnut® – The Original blind installed internally threaded rivet, was invented (patent #2,149,199) in 1936 for the purpose of attaching a rubber aircraft wing de-icer extrusion to the leading edge of the wing. The Rivnut® riveted the aluminum wing skin to the inner aluminum spar and then accepted a mating screw to attach the rubber de-icer.

The Rivnut® fastener was given a military specification of MS27130 and an aerospace standard of NAS1329 and NAS1330. Use of the Rivnut® expanded within the military and aerospace markets, and soon became popular in general industry because of its many design and assembly advantages.


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